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Electric Adjustable beds are the best way to sleep for young and old.

If you sleep with head and foot slightly inclined it will help to..
– Stop snoring with easier breathing and eliminate acid reflux.
– Ease pressure on lower spine and back.
– Better relaxation of heart muscles and increased blood circulation

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Dunlop Viscoflex® Memory Foam Mattress Overlay

Overlay is covered in our exclusive creme coton that is specifically made to enhance the fantastic feel of our Australian Made Dunlop Viscoflex Memory Foam.Please Note these overlays will add nothing to the support of our mattress, just add to the comfort.If your mattress lacks support then best to see us about a new memory foam/Natural latex mattress.

Queen Size $395
King Size $499
50mm thick

This 50mm thick mattress topper is made by Dunlop, using extra-soft viscoflex VF-52 visco elastic memory foam.

Visco-elastic memory foam foam is a technological break-through developed for the space programe to provide comfort, support and g-force protection for astronauts.

Viscoflex is Visco-elastic foam perfected by Dunlop specifically for Australian Conditions to provide the ultimate night’s sleep.

Viscoflex is developed for consistent performance in any season. It is weight sensitive, but not temperature sensitive.
It doesn’t need body heat to become comfortable, offering immediate and constant comfort year round by contouring to body shape, reducing pressure points on your body, improving blood circulation and providing superior comfort and quality of sleep.

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