Please take a moment and read the following information about our Memory Foam Pet beds.

This is important information and your pet will thank you!

  • Originally developed by NASA for the space program, memory foam is the most comfortable sleep surface ever invented.
  • We use Dunlop Viscoflex® memory foam for our orthopedic pet beds.
  • This contours perfectly to your pet.
  • It forms to your pet’s exact shape providing even support and unparalleled comfort.
  • Unlike other pet bed materials Dunlop Viscoflex® memory foam disburses compression
  • points that aggravate orthopedic conditions.
  • It actually absorbs pressure instead of reflecting it back to your dog.
  • These are perfect for older or challenged pets, and any pet of any age appreciates the incredible comfort.
  • Other pet bed materials compress and compact at the points where the most weight is applied.
  • The harder you press on these beds the more counter pressure or resistance is built up.
  • These pressure points are why people and pets toss and turn at night to try to get away from the pressure build up and discomfort it causes.
  • The obvious problem is that even with turning over the pressure points soon develop again.
  • This is also why you, or your pet, wake up sore and unrested.
Super Large 1500 x 1000mm $299
Large 1000 x 750mm $199
Small 600 x 600mm $129
Small Round 770mm Diameter $150

Our orthopedic pet beds provide maximum comfort for any pets of any size or age.

The larger the dog the more prone they are to orthopedic issues, and the more time they spend laying down.Many Veterinarians recommend our Viscoflex® Memory Foam Pet beds especially for post operative recovery.

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