Cloud Support Deluxe Memory Foam Mattresses made to Australian standards.

– Cool Max washable zip covers
– Quality 3rd generation visco elastic memory foam.
– High density support foam. No Latex

Cloud soft memory foam mattresses

Australian Standards – Memory Foam Mattresses

Size RRP

Queen $1995

Prices mattresses only,

All our bed bases are made with both tension and manual adjustable orthopedic posture slats,
in fabrics of your choice. Please ring for options and prices.
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Since 1990 Visco-Elastic has become one of the most popular sleep surfaces ever invented.
As it is now hailed by the Medical Profession and sport therapists for its healing power.
Independent research has proven that sleeping on a bed which reduces pressure points improves the quality of your sleep and increases your well being when you awake.

The same material is now used in hospitals, nursing homes, and burn units to make patients more comfortable. By completely contouring to your body shape it creates less pressure on all parts of our body, thus blood circulation improves and your spine aligns naturally.

Tempur® or Tempur-pedic® Were the first company to manufacture visco-elastic to the domestic market, but since 1990, many other companies around the world (Dunlop in Australia, Breasley in USA and UK now manufacture this great product) and it has become one of the most popular sleep surfaces ever invented. It is now recognized by the medical profession and sport therapists for its healing power.

Why spend your time going to retail bed shops when you can get just what you want, guaranteed comfort on line for around half price?

A visco-elastic mattress has the remarkable ability to conform to the pressure points of the human form, giving the sensation during sleep that is much like weightlessness.

It is generally agreed by researchers that any pressure above 45-50mmHg can result in capillary closure and tissue damage.

The above pressure mapping shows that memory foam (Two left diagrams) reduce pressure to well below these limits.